Campaign for superior trustee

In May 2018, I became the first person to announce my candidacy for Superior, Colorado Trustee (town council). I was 22-years old, had graduated from Drew University less than a week ago with my Bachelor’s degree, and was heading to the University of Colorado School of Law for a full course load in August. I was the yongest candidate running, the youngest to have run for this position, and the first openly gay candidate to do so.

I spent six months canvassing, attending town halls, participating in candidate debates, being interviewed by local and state news outlets, hosting events around Superior, maning campaign booths at festivals, and fundrasing. I managed to successfully fundraise my entire campaign budget through small donations, no donation being over $100.

Throughout my campaign, I championed technological advancements for the town, fiscal strategies for development and small businesses, environmental and conservation efforts, and inclusive education including successfully lobbying the town to open explorations into adopting the United Nation Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

While I came up short in the end, an outcome I believe was in large part due to my young age, I am glad to have done what I did, put myself out there, engage with thousands of people, and motivate young people to be further involved in local politics.

Campaign in the media

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Run for Something


Matt Gray, Colorado State Representative House District 33—

Dalton Valette is one of the most exciting young leaders I’ve met in a long time. He is passionate about Superior, the community he grew up in, as anyone I’ve met. He brings a unique voice and perspective to our community and I’m proud to support his candidacy for Superior Trustee.

Clint Folsom, Superior Mayor—

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Dalton over the past year. He is genuinely intersted in getting to know the isues, considering the options, and articulatng his positions clearly. Dalton will make a great addition to Superior’s Board of Trustees and he has earned my endorsement.

Mark Lacis, Superior Trustee—

Dalton is a smart, outgoing, and energetic young man. As a law student, Dalton will bring a valuable skill set to the Board which we will all benefit from while enacting ordinances and reviewing land use applications. He will also bring diversity and a unique perspective since he is a lifelone resident of Superior and a member of Generation Z. I would encourage you all to get to know Dalton and learn about his fresh ideas for the Town of Superior.

Rita Dozal, former Superior Trustee—

Dalton Valette brings a unique perspective that is lacking on the Superior Board of Trustees—the perspective of a life-long resident combined with the refreshing mindfulness of a younger generation. Dalton is committed to doing the work of researching, listening, engaging, and contributing to discussions to help drive thoughtful decisions. Dalton Valette would be a great Trustee and deserves your consideration and vote.

Joe Cirelli, former Superior Trustee—

Since Dalton has graduated from college and returned to Superior, he has engaged in local issues, attended Board meetings and other local activities. He had brought fresh ideas and a calm, engagng attitude that has sought solutions to issues rather than confrontation. His perspective will be great benefit to the Town.

Kitty Sargent, Boulder Valley School Board District F—

Dalton Valette is an intelligent and interesting young man. He brings a unique perspetive to town politicss and I am proud to support him for Trustee.