Master of Studies in Law, Ethics and Compliance with Cybersecurity emphasis

University of Colorado School of Law

Boulder, Colorado—2018-2019

4.0 GPA

  • Advanced understanding in HIPAA, FCRA, First and Fourth amendment rights, privacy torts, and SOX

  • Selected as one of only four students to participate in the Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium Summit

  • Select Courses: Accounting, Bioethics, Compliance Law, Environmental Law, Information Privacy, and Internal Corporate Investigations

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science major with double minors in English and Law, Justice, and Society

Drew University, Magna Cum Laude

Madison, New Jersey—2014-2018

3.8 GPA, graduated Magna Cum Laude, commencement speaker

  • Honors Thesis: “The Dangerous Faggot” or A Gay Man with Different Opinons; identified a faction of conservatism championed by white gay men in Europe subsequently imported to the United States by the likes of Milo Yiannopoulos which helped to alter the ideology of the Republican Party

  • Launched an EPA investigation into the university following positive results for lead contaminated water

Semester in Washington Politics Program

The George Washington University

Washington, D.C.—2017

  • Semester-long project crafting a statewide campaign plan for the 2018 Missouri Senate race for Senator Claire McCaskill and Representative Ann Wagner culminating in the presentation of said plan focusing on campaign research, voter targeting, budgeting, fundrasing, and grassroots efforts to a panel of lobbyists and campaign experts

  • Courses: Practicum in Political Managment and Electotal and Legislative Procedures

Semester at the United Nations

Drew University

New York City, New York—2016

  • Semester-long program focusing on deconstructing the largest international governance organization, attended events and meetings with NGO’s, the Security Council, and the Secretary General focusing on sustainablity, human rights, and hunger culminated in an international survey of general understanding of the functions of the UN, a proect designated aound an individual state’s position within the UN, and a research paper focuing on ‘shame marketing’ tactics used by the organization

  • Courses: Research Seminar on the United Nation and United Nations System and the International Community


Compliance Security Analyst at the University of Colorado

Boulder, Colorado—2018-2019

  • Concentrated on compliance efforts relating to GDPR, PCI, and CCPA policies and procedures

  • Improved communications with campus stakeholders in documenting data flow, review disclosures and consent language presented at the impetus of data collection

  • Trained department heads across campus in external and internal compliance policies relating to above regulations and others such as COPPA and FERPA

Canidate for Superior Trustee

Superior, Colorado—2018

  • Youngest candidate ever to run and first openly gay candidate in Superior history

  • Candidacy highlighted by 9News, Colorado Politics, The Daily Camera, and Run for Something

  • Maintained a budget raised entirely through fundraising efforts and earned a nationwide endorsement

  • Mastered campaign management, finances, accounting, budgeting, communications, and local and state legal compliance

Manager at Drew University

Madison, New Jersey—2014-2018

  • Hired by the Dean of Student Activities as the youngest manager staffer for the university overseeing managment and compliance with municipal and state liquor laws at the campus pub, C’80 Pub

  • Oversaw hiring, firing, training, and educating bartenders and other staff members relating to the pub while coordinating communication between the university and third party vendors

Director of Communications of Northern New Jersey Colleges for Phil Murphy for Governor

Parsippany, New Jersey—2017

  • Main concentration was to raise awareness on college campuses of the campaign and other local races

  • Hosted dozens of fundraisers on six campuses, organized voter registraton drives, many alongside the Leauge of Women Voters, and recruited over 110 individuals for paid positions on the campaign

C-SPAN International Coverage Divsion Content Producer

Washington, D.C.—2016-2017

  • Content productions for weekly British House of Commons, state dinners, and foreign diplomat and ambassador visits

  • Produced over 380 hours of content requiring coding with Dalet, technical proficiency in writing up reports, and updating archival programs

News Editor for The Acorn

Madison, New Jersey—2015-2016

  • Wrote, edited, and published weekly for the Drew University student newspaper while designing the layout through WordPress for other news writer

  • Stories included interviews with university guest speakers including Leon Panetta, Bill O’Reilly, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Jon Favreau, and Dan Pfeiffer

Congressman Jared Polis (CO-2) Intern—Military Service and LGBTQ Advocate

Boulder, Colorado—2015

  • Worked with the Congressman and the congressional staff for case work and various district-wide projects relating to military/ defense personnel and LGBTQ affiliated persons and organizations

  • Documented and reviwed over 90 military service recommendations for prospective applicants to military academies such as West Point and the Air Force Academy

Additional information

  • Patent holder—US 20140183105 issued December 1, 2012 for a popcorn serving bowl, “The Popup Kernel Cup”

  • Published internationally and in local and state newspapers and magazines

  • Website development—Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and WordPress

  • Software—Excel, PowerPoint, Prezi, Publisher, Word

  • German-language speaker and writer