mayor folsom of superior is attentive and ethical

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  • Published August 2018

local involvement is a source of optimism

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“The Dangerous faggot” or a gay man with different opinions

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the shadow

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The gop—the party of harold hill

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What ‘arrested development’ reveals about donald trump

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sending—a poem

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  • Published April 2017

  • Full text—

    Settings. Wi-Fi. Chose a Network. United Airlines.

    Messages. Julia.

    Hi Julia. Some men just hijaked my flight. I don’t know whats going to happen. Im scared. But you have to stay strong for me. Whatever happens please know i love you. I love you more than i can ever say. I hope i can see you again. Please tell little Benny gently. Im thinking of the three of us. Smiling.




    Lost connection.

Stalking stripes

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  • Published April 2016